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St Vincents Medical Center in Riverside welcomes Art with a Heart in Healthcare

In late November 2018, Art with a Heart in Healthcare expanded their programming to serve patients and their families within the St. Vincent's Medical Center in Riverside along with their partnership with The Mayo Cancer Center.

Patients receiving Chemo infusion have the opportunity to work with one of our artists in the infusion clinic. Artist-in-residence Samantha Solley took the lead with this new venture. The patients and staff love having her around. “It makes the time fly by” was a comment received by a patient that Samantha has been working with on a weekly basis for the last couple of months. With this particular couple, they have painted together and played ukulele together. Samantha even convinced the patients husband to bring his ventriloquist dummy, Willie Little, into the clinic, which had the place in an uproar.

“It is my goal to meet the patient where they are in the moment, and sometimes this can be when they are receiving treatment for the first time.  During my visits with patients, I like to listen and create something special for them or with them.  I create a connection by finding out what is meaningful to them.  I believe this is the key to a meaningful creative experience.”   - Artist in residence, Samantha Solley


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