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ProgramDirectors, Artists in Residence, Volunteers,Board of Directors, Board of Advisors,Honorary Trustees,and Interns

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Christy Ponder 

Executive Director and Artist-in-Residence 

Meet Christy Ponder! Christy leads Art with a Heart in Healthcare's (AWAHIH) team of Artists-in-Residence, community volunteers, and University of North Florida student interns.

Christy started volunteering with AWAHIH in 2011 and knew right away she wanted to be apart of AWAHIH's mission. After realizing that not many people knew about AWAHIH's work, Christy felt it was an easy decision to make when the board chair asked her to step into the executive director role. As a trained chef, Christy says more of her artistry happens in the kitchen than on the canvas. That said, she views her role at AWAHIH "as a creative process of supporting our artists, making sure they have the resources they need to conduct successful art sessions with patients."


Christy says, "I see the impact that art has on the hospital floor on a daily basis. We are the one thing that kids get to choose while in a hospital setting. They can choose to paint, or to draw, or to make jewelry or origami, among many options. They can even choose just to have an artist sit with them and paint a piece for them. Our service provides empowerment in a frequently powerless situation." 


Dylan Bauer 

Kianna Godoy

Amy Irizarry

Jaycee Guttormson

Evan Guttormson

Brooke McKinney

Lisa Miyares

Matt Richards 

Abigail Santos

Jill Swanson

Heidi Drost

Contracted Artists

Bob Drost

John Guinta

Eric Hunt

Micaela Yates


Patsy Moore
Helen Meatte

Teresa Graham

Gillian Vaughn

Laura Towne

We are so grateful for the dedication of our generous volunteers!

Honorary Trustees

Louise Freshman Brown

Professor University of North Florida

Suzanne McCormick Taylor

Community Volunteer


Karen Wolfson

Wolfson Children's Hospital

Board of Directors

Toni Boudreaux- Board Chair

Teresa Graham- Secretary

Judy Powell- Treasurer   

Kerri Carter 

Casey Cohen


Michele D. Lee

Heidi McCleod

Hillary Whitaker

Ana Tari

Jo Sinclair

Board of Advisors

Lori Guadagno - Co-founder

Lisa Landwirth Ullmann - Co-founder

Bebe Alexander

Brooks Cannon

Robert Monsky

Cynthia Jacoby Greene

Katherine Loeb

Sam Hall

Kathy Soler-Sala

Melissa Roland

Jennifer Guthrie

UNF Interns

Alondra Hernandez

Tatiana Woodson

Josaphine Morgan

UF Intern

Mary Lane

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