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Patient Exhibitions

Each year, our team devises a unique patient art show idea including a prompt or question to inspire imagination, artistry, and individual expression amongst Wolfson Children's Hospital patients. In addition to reaping the benefits of engaging in the creative process, the patient artists gain a sense of accomplishment, pride, and meaning by having their artwork displayed in the Museum of Contemporary Art and then in various locations around Jacksonville, FL. 

Our patient art exhibits are made possible through an ongoing partnership with MOCA and sponsorships from local foundations and businesses.


“I never had anything I have made in a frame or hung in an art show before. I am so happy that people will see my artwork.”

-Asima, Age 8

2022 Patient Art Show

For little Sandra Kim, (2).png
For little Sandra Kim, (1).png

2021 Patient Art Show

behind the mask (2).png

This 2021 patient art exhibition, Behind the Mask, utilizes technology as a form of artistic expression and communication while drawing upon inspiration from the style of American pop artist, Roy Lichtenstein. Collaborating with AWAHIH Artists-in-Residence, patients used iPads to create digitized self-portraits. Each patient also designed a unique face mask while answering the question, "What are you thinking behind your mask?" Their answers are displayed in quote bubbles and convey the thoughts they are thinking behind their masks.

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