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Patient Exhibitions

Each year, Art with a Heart in Healthcare produces an art exhibition featuring artwork by Wolfson Children's Hospital patients. The collection of art is first displayed in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Jacksonville and then permanently installed in Jacksonville healthcare facilities.

“I never had anything I have made in a frame or hung in an art show before. I am so happy that people will see my artwork.”

-Asima, Age 8

Daydreamers (2023)

On display now at Wolfson Children's Hospital


Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville 

333 North Laura St

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Imagining themselves in a myriad of ways, from majestic creatures to mighty warriors, twenty Wolfson Children’s Hospital patients answered the question: Where does your mind wander when you daydream?

AWAHH Invite - 7.11.23-final 1_Page_1.jpg

What Lifts You Up (2022)

What helps you feel happy when you are having a bad day or going through a difficult time? In other words, “What lifts you up?” This is the question Art with a Heart in Healthcare presented to sixteen pediatric patients of Wolfson Children’s Hospital. In response, the participating patients painted hot air balloons containing everything that brings them joy and helps them get through difficult circumstances like hospitalization. The project spotlights patients' individuality and unique artistic styles while promoting a sense of well-being, self-confidence, and healing during their hospital experience.

*On display on 1st floor of One Call building across from Wolfson*

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What Lifts You Up (1).png

Behind the Mask (2021)

Behind the Mask explores digital art as a form of expression during a time when there were more barriers in communication. Drawing inspiration from American pop artist Roy Lichtenstein's use of bold colors, dot patterns, and thought bubbles, these young patients created digitized self-portraits of themselves wearing personalized face masks. Patients were empowered to voice what they were thinking behind their masks, elevating their sense of individuality, confidence, and well-being.

*On display in Wolfson Children's Hospital*

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