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Kids Together Against Cancer, Family Night - March 2018

In January, we said farewell to Artist Laura Meier as she moved onto a new and exiting adventure in her career. Her departure from Art with Heart in Healthcare created a space for our UNF intern/volunteer and newly appointed Artist-in-Residence, Brooke McKinney to take the lead at Family Night with Kids Together Against Cancer (KTAC).

Brooke has embraced this new opportunity and is doing a fantastic job. At a recent Family Night, Brooke had families create painted birdhouses which really tickled there feathers.

After hearing all the wonderful feedback we asked Brooke about her experience with KTAC.

"I have enjoyed the light hearted, uplifting, and fun atmosphere of the KTAC workshops. The families are friendly and genuinely engaged. They have such good attitudes and really seem to enjoy the art projects which makes my heart happy!" - Brooke McKinney

Keep up the great work and thank you for all you do, Brooke!

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