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New Patient Exhibition Opening at MOCA JAX

We are so excited about our latest patient exhibit, “A World of Their Own,” sponsored by Capital Bank, opening at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Jacksonville on Sunday, August 5th. For this year's exhibition, the artists started with a question, “If you could create your own world… what would it look like?” Painted on Mache and canvas, patients explored their personalities, stories, and identities in a three-dimensional form. With the guidance of our talented Artists-in-Residence, the children’s ideas have sprung to life, allowing them to expand their artistic expression while promoting self-confidence and self-awareness during their hospital experience.

Artist-in-Residence Jill, who came to AWAHIH while working on her Arts in Medicine M.A. at the University of Florida, commented that “All the kids I got to work with seemed very genuine and open to talking about themselves and what was shaping their view of the world they were creating.”  Jill also mentioned that there is something about this patient exhibit that is very unique and personal to each patient. “It feels really personal and focused on what the patient finds comfort in.”

Meet the patient artists and the Art with a Heart in healthcare team at the opening reception for “A World of Their Own” Sunday, August 5th. The show will be on display at MOCA Jacksonville until the beginning of December.

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