'let's make art' (online art experiences)


Art with a Heart in Healthcare created the 'Let's Make Art' initiative amid COVID-19 restrictions, and has adapted it to be a permanent part of our organization. This program enables AWAHIH to virtually with engage patients, their families, and the public. This program consists of:

-art to-go bags filled with art supplies for hospitalized patients (Each bag costs $25. To donate a bag to a patient in need please follow this link

-weekly live art sessions

-custom, printable coloring pages

-music, storytelling, and healing sounds by AWAHIH Artists-in-Residence.

(To visit the Let's Make Art page please follow this link.)

Each fall and spring semester, AWAHIH has an intern(s) from the University of North Florida who works directly with WCH patients and families alongside our Artist-in-Residence. University of Florida Arts in Medicine Graduate program students complete their Practicum and Capstone coursework with AWAHIH as well. The internship proves to be a profound experience for interns time and time again, impacting them personally and professionally.  A few interns have even been hired as AWAHIH artists!

group art

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AWAHIH invites patients and their families to join them for art-making in the Nemours Children's Specialty Clinic waiting room and Wolfson Children's Hospital play rooms six days a week. This is an opportunity for patients and families to have meaningful interactions while also having a positive and uplifting fine art experience in the healthcare setting. 

bedside art

a world of their own3.jpg

Six days a week, AWAHIH Artists-in-Residence (AIR) bring creative opportunities right to patients' bedsides, transforming patient rooms into art studios. AWAHIH currently offers bedside art sessions to patients at Wolfson Children’s Hospital, Mayo Clinic, and St. Vincent’s Healthcare. AWAHIH AIR are adept at personalizing the art experience and accommodating each patient’s unique interests and abilities.


behavioral health

AWAHIH provides visual arts group sessions to Wolfson Children's Hospital inpatient pediatric patients twice a week, Baptist Health adult and geriatric behavioral health patients one day a week, and healing sound sessions to Wolfson inpatient and outpatient patients once a week. Patients report that having this allotted time of art making contributes to their emotional and mental well-being.




 AWAHIH teams up St. Vincent's Hospital to facilitate a monthly family night for a support group called KTAC (Kids Together Against Cancer) which is for families facing cancer. This group gives families a chance to commune with other families sharing similar experiences, and express themselves creatively with a thoughtfully-planned art project.

special events


 AWAHIH plans and facilitates art projects for various special events such as Tom Coughlin Jay Fund's annual Remembrance Weekend for families who have lost a child to cancer. AWAHIH also provides art experiences at events such as the Wolfson 55 annual fundraiser, Baptist Health Winter Wonderland, and Hemophilia Foundation of Greater Florida fundraising event.

media shows


Each month, AWAHIH provides an interactive fine art experience in the media center of Wolfson Children's Hospital that streams on patients' t.v.'s. Artist in Residence Maddie explains media shows best: 

"The media show is always a fun time and another great way to connect with our patients. We give step-by-step instructions that can be seen by anyone from their hospital room. It's like a silly version of the Bob Ross show!" 


special projects

 AWAHIH does special art projects for patients and the hospital in general. We have transformed medical equipment into personalized works of art for patients, painted shovels for Baptist Health's groundbreaking ceremony, and created bereavement art for Wolfson Children's Hospital patients and families. 





AWAHIH is thankful for the selfless dedication of their volunteers! Volunteer artists come once a month and work directly with patients, their families, and the AWAHIH team. Other volunteers come when needed to help with special events. AWAHIH appreciates these special people for sharing their time, energy, and talents. We couldn't do what we do without our volunteers!