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Fundraising Campaign Success

Team Work Makes

the Dream Work

Over the last few months we enlisted the help of many of our friends to spread awareness of our program and raise the funds needed for Art with a Heart in Healthcare. Our goal was to provide a dedicated artist in residence for the pediatric chemotherapy and hemodialysis infusion clinic at Wolfson Children’s Hospital.

We had an idea, planted the seed,

and YOU watered it!

AWAHIH Patient artist Rue and her mom Casey have spent countless hours in the infusion clinic.

Art with a Heart in Healthcare wanted to create an environment for patients to express themselves creatively while visiting the clinic. Going through these treatments can be quite trying for many families. Patient artist Rue and her mom Casey (who is also a AWAHIH board member) have spent countless hours in the infusion clinic. They expressed what it was like to spend many days in the clinic and the limited number of things for the patients and families to do. Casey has made it her mission to make sure that the gift of art become apart of the infusion clinic.

"This will have a tremendous impact on kids facing challenging illnesses, especially those receiving dialysis. They are typically here three days a week for about four hours each visit. An artist-in-residence will have the opportunity to bond with patients, provide art experiences they love and be part of the healing environment we create for kids while in the hospital. Sincere thanks to all the donors who made this possible"!

~ Pat Kirkland, CCLS, Family Support Services manager

Space in our hearts to give back

In February, our amazing Board of Directors organized our second annual Wine and Auction Dinner. A big thank you to our generous sponsor, Atlantic Coast Marine, and our events committee members: Calvin and Hillary Whitaker, Brooks Cannon, Kacey Roach, Casey Andeer, Barry Milligan, Bonnie Hayflick, Laird, Judy Powell and Bebe Alexander.

This event raised $46,000! We have now been able to place our artist in residence Lisa Miyares in the Day Stay Clinic two days a week. During Lisa’s first day, she saw 7 patients at the bedside. As many of the patients visit the clinic multiple times during the week, Lisa has been able to bring in a variety of projects to inspire the kids. Showing the kids how to create portraits with shading and volume, along with learning how to mold wonderful creations out of Crayola Model Magic.

Child Life Specialist, Taylor and Artist-in-Residence, Lisa

We can’t do what we do without you!

Together, we have created these amazing opportunities for these very deserving kids in the pediatric chemotherapy and hemodialysis infusion clinic. Let’s keep it going in 2019 — your tax-deductible donations could support our programs growing even more and reaching more children! Art can be an important factor in creating a calm environment which encourages healing. The commitment of donors like you in giving to Art With a Heart in Healthcare creates so many smiles and so much joy!

We cannot thank you all enough for being part of this expansion of Art with a Heart in Healthcare and the gifts we provide for these very special kids and their families!


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