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Major Funding cuts for Arts organizations in Florida

Drastic cut to arts and culture in Florida

Some of you may be aware that Florida's recently approved budget has drastically reduced and eliminated funding for many arts organizations in the State. As a non profit Art with a Heart in Healthcare relies on much of it’s funding from grants and sponsorships.

So, we are asking you, our supporters, are you willing to make a small monthly contribution to support our work so we can continue to enhance the healing process for patients and their families?

According to Arts For Health Florida the figures below show the gradually reduction of funding for arts and culture organizations in Florida over the last 4 years.


2015: $43,073,117

2016: $34,829,393

2017: $32,699,894

2018: $24,593,321

2019: $2,650,000

As you can see this is a dramatic drop between 2018 and 2019.  We encouraged you to use your voices and let your senators and representatives know how you feel about the drastic cut in the spectrum of government support for the arts in Florida. 

Many organizations in Florida will not get the agreed support for 2018-19 because of this cut.  Many anticipated and panel approved grants did not get the funding that was to begin June 2018 through June 2019. Only a small group received the $2.6 million budgeted.

Find your Members of Congress in North East Florida

This is a call to action, we need your help!

Can you spare $5 per week? That’s less than a Grande Double shot Latte!

Would you consider becoming a monthly sustainer? We invite you to make a tax-deductible donation today!

With your support we can continue to support our community by providing personalized fine art experiences that enhance the healing process for patients and their families. Will you become part of our team?

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